7 D.I.Y Hacks

Something you have to choose working smarter to make your life a lot simpler and easier, especially if you're working with your hands. "Hacking" is all that you need to ensure a good quality job with little effort or any guessing.


Here are 7 hacks that may come handy one day.


1. Glue wood filler

Sometimes small scratches and holes can become pesky eyesores. Hack it with wood glue and a little sawdust. Fill the area with wood glue and rub saw dust over it until no traces of glue can be seen, then wait for it to dry....


2. Release hot glue quick and easily

If you are a regular user of hot glue, then isopropanol will be a definite timesaver for you. Apply the isopropanol onto the glue, wait for a second and it will release immediately.


3. Magnetic Nail Holder

Avoid holding nails in your hand while hammering and save you might save your thumb. Hack it by adding a magnet onto the metal side of your hammer. It will magnetize the whole hammer and allow the nails to stick onto it for easy access.


4. Align nails for straight hammering

Do you want to hit your nails on the dot every time? Use a thick pair of square pliers to grip your nail, hold it flat to the surface to align it and give it a whack! You'll not only hit it right the first time but you'll never risk a finger again.


5. Drill 100% straight holes

FYI no one knows if their holes will be straight before they start to drill.... never guess again! Stack two pieces of square wood onto each other and slide one piece downward to create a corner. Align the corner to the hole you marked on the wall and place your drill bit so that it rests in the corner, creating a 90-degree straight platform.


6. Avoid dripping paint on your bucket

Everyone is guilty of opening a fresh bucket of paint, dipped the brush in and wiping it onto the side until it inevitably runs down. To ensure a clean bucket you'll only need a rubber band... open the lid and stretch the rubber band around the bucket over the top and bottom area, dip your brush in and wipe onto the rubber band instead of the bucket itself.


7. Save cleaning your brush for later

Take for example if you've painted a wall and have to wait for it to dry until the next day, save time not to clean your brushes. Simply cover your brush in a plastic bag or glove and tape it so that no air escapes, it will keep the paint on the brush moist and from stiffening up. Ready for the next day!


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Written by Graphic Designer