Characteristics of a modern minimalist house design

To design a modern home, with clean form and function could be a difficult task to some extent. Careful paring down and editing of spaces to get to a place of clarity and uniformity. With the right features and arrangement of materials, you can easily do it yourself without getting an expensive designer.


Let's add wooden textile or materials for that authentic and natural balance.

Wood is an amazing material, it ties in very well with anything in your home making it warm, friendly and interesting. No matter wood type, color or texture it will always look and feel clean. There are so many options to choose from a stool, coffee table, desk, chair, lamp, rail, floor and much more, add some natural elements.



The rustic ambiance of exposed brick

If you are planning to build or planning to paint then hold on! Open brick surfaces are very trendy these days but if you are planning on painting or plastering then consider to leave one wall or an area open, it can create a great balance and contrast and doesn't need much or anything to decorate with.



Warm Metallics and Chromatics 

If you think of minimalism, black and white usually comes into the picture but try and add some flare by adding warm metallics like copper, gold or silver. It works great with wood, naturally complementing the warm feeling.


Textured fabrics

The key to minimalism is to add the right balance. If you are head to toe in wood, brick, and metallics then try and add some textured fabrics and you'll notice that everything is starting to tie together. If it looks to uniform then try and different colors and shapes. Big pillow cases or a beautiful weaved rug can add a nice addition to depth to your combinations.



Finally, Go Green!

It's time to bring everything to live! 

Adding plants in your home may seem strange but it brings a calm natural feeling. Some plants are made to stay inside, visit your local grocery store and you'll see what I mean... these plants don't need sunlight, just a bit of water and natural light is all.

There you have it, no need for extensive design consultations while an easy list of materials and ideas could bring life into your old living room and home.

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Written by Graphic Designer