D.I.Y Safety Tips

No matter what, safety should always come first. 

Have you heard or seen an accident involving a D.I.Y job? 

Working with power tools, building materials, equipment or anything DIY related should be done with utmost care and respect. Even the most straightforward task has its dangers, so be aware, stay alert and protect yourself from these possible risks.

Practising good safety wear is as easy as putting on gloves or safety goggles, today we’re having a look how to be safe on any D.I.Y job:


First Aid Safety

Bumps, bruises, cuts and scrapes are all common injuries, be sure to have a First Aid Kit close with bandages, plasters, and disinfectant if anything happens. A First Aid kit should also have an emergency number and relevant info in case of a serious incident, it could be lifesaving. 


Look The Part

D.I.Y is sometimes tough, so who cares about looks? Try and wear something tight and thick, and be sure that it covers enough skin to prevent common everyday injuries. 


Accessories And Gear

Safety accessories protect parts of your body and cloud possibly save a life. Hard hats are efficient and cheap, keep your head covered, wear safety glasses to protect your eyes, and keep your hands from harm with thick gloves. Thick closed-toe shoes are one of the best protective-gear you could have, and you’ll be surprised how easy it is toe drop something on your toes.


Power Tool Safety Precautions

Before you think of using a power tool, put on safety accessories and wear. If you haven’t used a power tool before, make sure you have read the instruction manual or asked advice/assistance to show how. If you are done using any electrical or motor-driven device, SHUT IT OFF, never keep it on!


Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

A good handyman/lady can spot dangers quickly, keep your eyes open and keep a clear mind. Store items like nails in closed dedicated spaces and any tools back in the toolbox.


Clean your workspace

After a messy work session, clean your workspace and tidy up, not doing this can lower your awareness level and could cause a fatal accident. A clean and neat workspace makes it easy to move around and get the job done quicker.


There you have it! To practice safety is one of the best ways to avoid any harm, start today!

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Written by Graphic Designer