DIY Pallet Headboard

When decorating your home or refurbishing a room, simply detailed finishes can really tie a room together and make it look like it’s brand new. Wooden pallets turned into bedroom headboards is ads a really authentic feel to your aesthetic and all you need is a bit of DIY elbow grease to get it done.

Wooden headboard pallets will fit into most themed rooms and can be finished off with paint or patterns.

Before you get going, here’s a small shopping list of requirements.

-    Wooden pallets
-    Nails/screws
-    Wood Glue
-    Wood Saw
-    Measuring tape
-     Hammer
-     Electric drill


Gather some wood pallets to deconstruct:

Collect and gather wood pallets, one pallet could be enough, but other palettes may have different textures, paint, scratches, and finishes to give your headboard a unique look. 
Begin to deconstruct your palettes into single files. Always make sure to wear gloves and watch out for splinters!


Plan and Determine Height:

Once deconstructed, measure the height of the bed and add a mark (that is where it will end), you’ll want to have the right height to your preference (this is where you’ll start).


The Legs:

a Single pallet sheet won’t be tall enough. You’ll have to mount two together or have a long plank cut to your preferred size. 


Plan the look you want:

Mix and match pallets together to see where they fit best, have a look at different textures or scratches that could complement each other to make it more interesting. 

It’s best to make a layout on the floor for easy arranging and have an overview before you start compiling the board.


Layout the top plank:

Add the top plank to the top of the legs, now, position the legs so that the top plank will overhang about 1 inch on both sides to avoid detection of the legs, you can do it the same way at the top too.



Mount the top plank to the legs using nails/screws and wood adhesive (two screws on each side will be enough), repeat by adding the next plank underneath each other until you’ve reached the mark where the height of your bed will be. 



You’re done! If you want to, you can sand the pallets for a smoother finish, show off with varnish or paint, the choice is yours!


And there you have it!  Add value by doing it yourself, you could be surprised!

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Written by Graphic Designer