We all know that wood comes in different textures, colours and grains but adding a certain type of finish can give it that extra pop or ” je-ne-sais-quoi”!

Not only does it change the way the how the wood looks, but it can add a depth to texture or add a long-lasting protective barrier on the wood for years to come, it all depends on what you’re looking for. 

Today we’re having a look at what finishes there are and what properties it may have.



A very common finish that adds an extremely durable protective barrier on the surface of the wood. Varnish comes in transparent or colored tones along with glossy or matte versions. It also comes in water or oil based, a very versatile medium for any type of wood.

Several coats may be applied for a tight durable seal and can be removed with varnish-removal.



To stain wood requires soaking the wood with several coats, the wood absorbs the stain and sits on the surface of the wood making it possible to remove. Available in transparent and coloured options, it also comes in matte or gloss with both water-based and oil-based. 

Staining wood helps to achieve a wide range of different colours as well as protection from rot, and water.



Unlike stain, the dyes penetrate deep into the wood and colours it from within ( mostly permanent).
This finish enhances the natural shades on different pieces of wood and can be mixed together for a wider range of options.  

Dye doesn’t have any protective properties, be sure not to leave your wood outside but you are able to apply other finishes like varnish.



This is probably the fastest and simplest way to add a finish, with the use of a glove, simply smear the wax on the wood and rub it in. Wax is one of the finishes that doesn’t change the colour of the wood.

For interior use only.



This finish protects and nourishes the wood and gives a more natural look to the wood. The surface of the wood might lose the finish, but the wood will still be protected. This type of finish is highly flammable, be careful.

And there you have it, whether you’re going for a certain type of look or if you’re looking for optimum protection, adding the right finish can transform it into the perfect masterpiece.

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Written by Graphic Designer