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The season is starting to change and that means it’s time to stick your head out of the door and head on outside!


Whether you’re new to gardening or on the look for some new ideas, small and simple improvements may be all that you need this season.

Here are some tips and other goodies you can do or consider to or give a try in the garden:


- Hotter weather attracts mosquitos. Those little pesky insects can ruin a good night sleep and cause irritation.

Did you know that some plants are natural insect and mosquito repellants? Plants and herbs like Peppermint, Garlic, Rosemary, Penny Royal and Lavender can drive these unwanted newcomers away. Wooden planters under your windows make great storage and destinations for those repellents.


- The roots of some of your favorite plants might grow fast and shallow spreading alongside the ground. To avoid them damaging those around it, and force their roots downwards, a simple trick can help.

If you have an old bucket or a kind of plastic cylinder then all you need is to cut its bottom off to create a cylindrical container. Now bury your container into the ground and place your lovely plant within, it’ll constrain its roots from spreading sideways.


- If you are new to gardening or if you’ve discovered a strange unknown plant, then whip out that smartphones and snap a pic! Keeping a journal of these plants are great to learn what they want and like, give them a good trim and sprinkle with water to learn how they react, repeat this every week and you’ll be a garden master in no time!


- Loosen up. After the winter weather and rain, the soil in your garden might harden and become rock solid, it makes it hard for friendly critters to move around in and out the ground and the plant’s roots to expand.

Gardening Essentials like garden forks and spades are made for this, you’ll create space for everything to breathe and in no time your garden will bear the fruits of your labor.


- Trim away. After you’ve come out of hiding in the winter you’ll realize that your backyard might have become a jungle. This is the perfect time to start sculpting those hedges and bushes, cut them into all shapes and sizes whatever your hearts desire!

The secret is to keep cutting them annually, into the preferred shapes and they’ll start to become thicker and hold that form. This will make your garden look rich and bring depth into the picture.


Little jobs here and there can make a big difference, make your ideal garden into the way you want.

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Written by Graphic Designer