Gardening Essentials

Whats better than having the right tool for the job? Everything is much easier, saving you time and avoid any tantrums of frustration!  Keep your gardening experience calm and peaceful, by having the right tools at your disposal makes for an easier and more productive you... have some fun while you're at it!

Here's a list of tools we think is a must for any outdoor hack and slashing, digging and doing.

Clearing Tools

This is the perfect tool when your garden looks like a jungle, clearing tools are easy to handle with a comforting grip, simply hack and slash any unwanted vines, grass, roots, and branches PLUS you get to look like Indiana Jones!

Digging shovel

If you're planning on digging then this is the one... Unlike a spade, a Digging shovel is characterized by having a rounded blade which makes it easier to penetrate the ground, you'll be surprised at the efficiency and amount of effort it takes to dig with a rounded blade.

Lopping Shears

Cut multiple branches with ease... Shears are perfect for cutting branches that are the size of your finger and bigger. The handles make it easy to reach your target and with the help of physics, the handles make it easy to cut through the tough and squishy.


For the more delicate side of the garden...  Pruners are great with flowers, this hand sized tool makes it great for annual stemming and removing small twigs without damaging the plant. Remember to sharpen from time to time after heavy use.

Garden Rake

Clean your garden with a handy rake, gather up leaves and grass easily with a few strokes. Other than cleaning, a rake can also be used to prep and level loose ground,  one good scratch is deep enough to plant seeds and to remove moss and other things.

Hose and fittings

This is definitely an essential for any home, wash your car, clean anything outdoors and wet your garden. Hoses come in different materials, lengths, shapes, and sizes...  if picking gets hard, we simply recommend a good length. Fittings allow adding onto the hose from spraying nozzles to sprinklers.


Keep rolling..... when it comes to moving anything, a wheelbarrow will keep all the loose bits together and don't break your back with heavy lifting too, just pop it in and push. A standard one wheel is more than enough to handle a whole garden but if you're getting real heavy then we recommend a steel bucket with extra wheels.

Digging Fork

It's extremely hard to loosen soil after a dry season, make it easier with a proper digging fork... dive into tight spaces and get digging! Push your fork in and lean back, your weight will force the soil loose, done!

Be unstoppable in your garden, and get it done! These tools are waiting and willing to help you get the results you wanted, make it happen with DIY Superstore.


Written by Graphic Designer