Picture Perfect

You know what they say... a picture is worth more than a thousand words. 

A beautiful picture can be the cherry on the cake of any room whether it's art or family photos, but this beautiful art requires some sort of frame finishing. Be sure that your priceless pieces will never see the ground and stand the test of time.

Today we'll show you how to hang and mount your picture frames with this easy step by step guide, it'll be a breeze!

What you'll need: 
- Masking Tape
- Pencil
- Measuring tape
- a Drill (for the wall)
- Nail in anchor
- Hammer
- Screwdriver


Find the right place

If you're not sure where it should go, then ask yourself whats the purpose of the picture?  Will it fill an empty space, jog a memory or will it be a THE STAR?.... then you'll know where to go.


Too high or too low?

Now that you've found its place, the focus of a picture should be at eye level, that will be the perfect height. Leave a gap of approximately 20 cm if you're planning to hang it above a sofa or table.


Mark your Spot

Start by holding the picture in its spot and mark the height of the frame with a pencil on the wall, next, apply masking tape on the pencil mark, enough to pass the width of the frame. 

Mark each end of the frame on the masking tape and remove the frame. Find the middle of the two marks by measuring them and finding the half, now we've found the center...

Now we have to account for the wire/string from which the frame hangs. Use the measuring tape to hook the string/wire and pull on it until it reaches the tightest point, now measure that distance from the frame.

Lastly, use the string/wire distance and measure it from the center of the measuring tape and mark it. We've found our spot!



Use the drill on the marked spot and fire!
*Pro tip: Measure the distance of your nail to the drill point and add masking tape where the nail ends, now you know how deep to drill.



Fill the hole with the nail in anchor and hammer it until it sits firm and tight, then adjust the nail with a screwdriver until there's enough space for the wire/string to hang from.

Finish it off by hooking the wire/ string of the frame on the nail in anchor, adjust until straight.


Take a couple of steps backward and behold your work!

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Written by Graphic Designer