Refinish & Refresh

Is your garage or spare room(s) cluttered with old and vintage furniture? Timeless and memorable pieces of wood that relate to old and happy parts of your previous life. We know it’s hard to get rid of them, but before you do, think twice before you sell, burn or give them away!

You’ll be surprised that a little love and care might transform that old pieces of wood into beautiful one-of-a-kind showpieces.

Blow the dust off and follow these step by step guides to ensure that your renovation process is nice and seamless.



1. Apply Stripper Chemicals

Most old furniture may have layers of old coated varnish or paint applied to it. Start by removing it with a chemical stripper. Be sure to wear your safety gloves and goggles. Apply the chemical compound to the area and leave it on for at least 10-20 minutes.


2. Removing the old varnish

After the wait of time passed, the surface will have formed some bubbles and blistered. Use a dull edge scraper tool to get rid off all the blistered bubbles. Apple a watered cloth to neutralize the rest of the area.


3. Sanding the rough finishes

Start by lightly sanding off rough areas that that might still be covered in residue. Then apply mineral spirits to ensure that it’s nice and clean. A blank canvas!


4. Quality control

Some wood has light and dark properties in different areas. This can cause an inconsistent flow on nice flat surfaces.
We recommend you add a layer of primer to the surface to level out any patches. Don’t be shy to sand away any last roughen areas, it’s the last step before you start to paint.

With all the hard work out the way, let’s add some life with adding colour that matches your piece of furniture.


5. Painting Techniques

Ensure that you have enough paint on your brush with each stroke, gently brush in the direction of the natural grain to ensure that all the gaps are filled. Avoid dripping marks by dragging your brush over it again for an even finish.

Wait to dry and add a second coat.


6. Finishing

Apply a clear coat to make your piece pop! 
This clear layer provides a barrier of protection for your paint as well as a sheer and elegant finish. Wait for it to dry completely.

There you have it, with these guides we’re pretty sure you could use the “new” piece of furniture in your modern design aesthetic or maybe sell and make a buck or two.

Written by Graphic Designer