Replace and recap that old tap

Replace and recap that old Tap:

The cost of redoing your entire bathroom could easily be a big amount, especially if you need to hire a professional for all the fitting and handy man work.

Well, no need to worry! In today’s post, we talk about
replacing your own taps, making you the expert handy man on the job.

How to replace your taps:


1. Have a look at your option available:

Each basin determines your fixture, some may have a single fitting that controls both hot and cold water simultaneously while the other option is for two single water controlled taps, choose accordingly. If you are planning to switch from a single to a double fixture or reversed, then you have to change your basin to have the right fit.


2. Observe and review

Don’t be shy, have a peek under your basin. Observe and review whats going on and look at all the components. You’ll notice a large plastic pipe which is for the waste and two copper pipes that are your hot and cold.


3. Turn off the water

Each of the hot and cold pipes will have a separate knob you can turn to close the water, turn them until they stop running shut. If you want to be more than sure, then you can go close the main supply. Open the taps to release the excess water until you know they are switched off.


4. Remove the plumbing

Screw the nut from the hot and cold water fittings until they are loose, use a cloth to dry up any remaining water.


5. Gently remove the old tap

There is a nut under your basin that locks the tap in its place. Fiddle a bit with it and once it’s loose it will screw right off. 
Pull your old tap away from the basin to remove it.


6. Install your brand new tap

Now repeat in reverse order! Thread the external pipes from your new tap through the basin, now screw the nut onto the new tap from underneath the basin until your new tap is gripped tightly onto the basin.


7. Connect your plumbing

Connect the hot and cold water fittings to the copper tubing and screw them on tightly. Everything needs to be connected and ready to start the next step. We recommend that you open your tap before the next step.


8. Turn the water supply on again after you’re done

Open your tap to avoid built up air pressure that may damage your tap. Now it’s time to turn the supply on, turn each water knob clockwise to open or the water supply and wait.... Expect to hear a gush of water.

Job well was done! Enjoy your brand new sparkling tap!
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Written by Graphic Designer