Restart your Garden

No one likes an untamed garden, dying plants growing over your patio with uncut grass and unwanted insects make themselves comfortable. Restoring order in your garden could be a difficult task, but with the help of decluttering, a little open space can add a lot of simplistic value.

Let's get cracking on turning that wild jungle into a beautiful the garden you could be proud of.


1. Use a bucket to store your hosepipes.

Leaving a hose on the lawn looks messy, not to mention the way it bends and damages when left in the sun. Hack it and use a bucket! A nice bucket looks aesthetically pleasing and it keeps dogs and other animals from chewing on it. Keep your fittings, nozzles and other tools together when dealing with the same job for easy access.


2. Use a Pallet to store your or hang your gardening tools

Store your shovels, pitches and gardening forks with ease without using too much space. A pallet makes for a good and sturdy tool holder. Simply flip a palette vertically against a wall and mount it, slide your tools in when you're done (your garage is a good place to start)


3. S-hooks for storage

Having a spot for every tool makes everything easy to find and accessible. Add some S-hooks on the railings or bars around your home (shower rods can come in handy). Lots of gardening tools like scissors and small forks have got dedicated eyes for storage, hang them up for a neat and tidy fit!


4. Cover your eyes!

If you have unpleasing pipes or water meters running on the outside of you home that been bugging you for ages, then it's time to cover them up! Build frames or boxes around it with access wood, zink, even an old kitchen closet cabinet can make it eye pleasing again, an excuse for extra storage around the garden.


5. Kiddies corner

Face it there is nothing better than seeing your kids playing outside, running, digging, baking mud cakes, throwing frisbees, tennis balls and the list goes on and on...Keep the toys they used for outside on the outside. a Wire netting basket makes a great container for these items, they also get a wash from the rain from time to time too :)


5. Flip your wheelbarrow

If you own one, then you'll notice the amount of space this thing can use, a simple way to store it is to flip it on its lip-side. Place a piece of wood under the lip to provide enough space to balance it from a wall. If you want to, mount a piece of wood higher up from the floor to create a gap for easy cleaning around it.

Written by Graphic Designer