Restart your Garden in August

With the seasons changing this time of year, it's time to get your garden up and running again! But before you start any doing anything, it might be good to plan ahead and have a look at some improvements while prepping your garden of Eden.

It just might save you time and money. 




1. Start composting

The first thing you'll want to do is to gather and scrape any organic materials together, whether it's old dried leaves to fruit peels, veggies, even coffee provides great nourishment. Try and keep everything together, a big drum is a way to go. Mix everything together and let the magic happen, be sure your heap is moist and in a well-drained spot. 


2. Choose your turf

Take a good look at your garden, identify the spots that work and the spots that don't.  Rethink these patches that need special attention and replace them with a bed of flowers or a low maintenance shrub. Keep your climate into consideration, your chances of these plants succeeding are much higher.


3. Go native!

Leave your Pinterest posts ideas and exclusive nursery plants and visit your local park. Look what is growing around you, local is lekker! Identify your neck of the woods and you'll end up saving time and cash.


4. Grow your own!

Whats better to than watch something grow, that never runs out. You can end up saving on your grocery list and produce a higher quality product without any chemicals involved. Basil, tomatoes, and spinach are easy to grow that are low maintenance. Not only does it taste good but it will add extra depth to your garden.


5. Funky Vines

Embrace the nature and let them go wild. Build a frame over your windows or against a boring wall for vines to grow. Vines can cool your home down dramatically and provide shade for your windows in the summer and keep the warmth in during the winter. ​​​​​​​


6 Sun power!

Have you ever jumped over a bedding or bush before you entered friends home? Sometimes your guests may find walkways and drive inns a little confusing, lead the way with inexpensive solar power lights. They are convenient and they look great every night.

Written by Graphic Designer