Spring Gardening Tips

Ease your garden into spring and help it get into the habit of growing. Preparing and organizing for in spring can save you a lot of time and make your life a lot easier.


Here are some spring tips to think about when before you're ready to head out into the garden:


Access your garden

Put your shoes on and have a good walk around your garden, pay attention to everything that has noticeably changed from tree branches, leaves, flowers, grass to your walkway, access for any things that need attention first and get it on your to-do list.


Prepping and organize tools and plants

Accessing your garden will give you perspective on what tools you may need and plants you may want to have. Blow the dust off your tools and round them up, make sure they are in working condition, sharpen your trimmers, oil nuts and bolts etc. If you have ordered any plants, make sure they are stored out of harm's way.


Start your engines 

Let it be known that spring has arrived with the howling sound of a lawnmower or leaf blower. Whether your grass is short or all over the place, a good mowing will restart its clock, filling in patches while it spreads into a luscious green carpet.


Attract wildlife

Having wildlife in your garden means that your garden is fruitful and full of life, wildlife contributes to the wellness of your garden and could help it grow even more beautiful, it's natures way. Cleaning your bird feeders, water bowls, ponds will make your garden a safe haven for these lovely critters.


Cleaning your garden

To make your garden is neat and tidy requires a bit of cleaning up, remove branches, leaves, and weeds should be your first step, next, prepare and structure your beddings, it'll feel brand new and look fresh!


Fertilize and water

After the winter and harsh weather, your soil might be tired and struggling to feed your plants. Fertilizing and watering your soil can make it a paradise your plants will love to grow in, a little love goes a long way.


Prepping, planning, a little work, and love can help ease transform your garden this spring and grow it like you want it to and make it happen with DIY Superstore. 


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Written by Graphic Designer