Toolbox Essentials

Having the right tools at hand is a necessity when it comes to any DIY project, it enables quick access to tools and hardware without having to go back and forth or giving up. 

And what’s a DIY project without a toolbox? a basic toolbox should have everything you need (or close to) to complete the basic tasks whether it’s in or out of your home. Having or owning a toolbox should be something like owning a cellphone, it is a necessity within any home, even if you’re new to DIY. 

Today we’re having a look at the essentials of any toolbox, whether you’re experienced or new to DIY:


The toolbox

Any storage could be considered to be a toolbox, but having a toolbox which is easy to pick up and move around is the ideal. Dedicated storage compartments make it easy to identify tools and bits while it resolves clutters and out of stock items like screws or nails.


Claw Hammer

A hammer can be used to drive and remove nails, breaking things apart or mounting things together. You may find lots of different shapes and sizes but don’t worry about that, a standard hammer will work just fine.


Standard Pliers

Pliers work great with wire; bend/shape/join wire with ease and cut it with its scissor-like function without any hassles. Pliers are also used to clamp onto nuts and bolts to tighten/loosen them. 



Sometimes you may find yourself in a dark corner or place where there’s no source of light, it’ll help shed a light on anything that needs attention.


Flathead and Star screwdriver

There will come a time when something in your home will loosen up like a kitchen cupboard or something that needs assembling. Flat and star screws are really common and that’s why we recommend both.


Utility knife

This tool is used to cut anything that regular scissors can’t, just add pressure and keep your fingers clear for a clean straight cut. Cut materials like cardboard, plastic, and paper with ease.


Tape measure

This tool is able to measure anything further than a standard ruler, a standard length is about 3m long and is easy to roll up with its auto-retract function.


Variety of hardware

No toolbox is complete without a variety of screws, nails etc. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to get, you’ll start to collect as you go on, ask anyone at your DIY store to help you find and identify what you need.


Electrical/Duct Tape

Electrical tape is commonly used to insulate any exposed wire, while duct tape commonly used to keep anything together whether its to fix or be used as a patch.


And there you have it! These items are a starting base for any toolbox and as you start to grow your toolbox will become the unit that you can’t go without.

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Written by Graphic Designer