What makes a good handyman?

We all value and appreciate good quality and customer service while wanting the job done quickly with professionalism.

Skinning the internet today to find an expert handyman could be somewhat of a difficult task with all the information available today, people have facebook, web pages, and all sort of apps. But how do we really know this person is what we're looking for? With these tips and criteria list, we're sure you will be able to see the difference from a poor to dull handyman.

A great handyman/lady should tick off most of the attributes and characteristics.

Compliance & correspondence

If you are calling out to someone then scheduling should be a quick and easy process (remember it works both ways). 
If you can provide a detailed and accurate description of the assistance, then they should have a quick response to identify and solve your need.

Punctual and professional

A great handyman/lady will always be on time. If that's not the case then keeping the client in the loop beforehand will prove your commitment and trust and hopefully understanding. Remember it is time being used.

Being prepared for the job at hand

The job should be done right one the first time. If an accurate description was given on the brief then no tool or problem should arise, remember a quick callout may not be the case.

Values & Ethics

An experienced handyman/lady should know how to fix almost anything in a more or less accurate time frame and assuring utmost best quality. If you have something that's out of the ordinary but in general, it shouldn't be the case. But if it was the case then he/she should have warned and told you why. 

If you claim or if they claim to be experienced then they should act the role, any experienced handyman/lady will ensure any safety precautions for you and your home. No matter the size of the job, feedback, and descriptions to the client is necessary if they ask for it. Remember the client is inviting you into their space.

A good handyman/lady is a clean one at that. Respecting the space and handling it with care is very important. Cleaning up if a mess was made is part of the job, in general, it's good manners and good service. 

Clients and handymen/ladies should behave respectfully to one another. Sharing a space can create conflict, keep calm and ensure one another's boundaries.

Make a list, then make the call, and for all your other needs, 
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Written by Graphic Designer