Window Cornice

Want to give a dreary room a dramatic facelift? Adding window or door cornices will bring freshness and style to any room décor.

These wooden compositions can round off your space without breaking your bank. Window Cornices provide great cover for window and blinds providing the ultimate touch of elegance to your home.

Create your own Cornice step by step with these handy guides:

Youll need: 
-Wood for box and ledger
-Bottom Trim/ Top Crown 
-Wood Screws 
-Wood Glue
-Paint & Primer
-Sand Paper
-Wood filler
-Nail in anchors


1. On point measure

We're going to build a box that will cover your curtain/blinds fitting to the wall. This box will cover the front, side, and top of the box, leaving the back and bottom open.

Determine your box size by measuring the outside width and depth your curtains or shades and add your preferred height.


2. Cut your box

You've got the size now it's time to cut! 
Cut your boards to your dimensions, if you want to, you can cut each end at 45 degrees for a square fit (you can do this at you local D.I.Y store).


3. Screw and Glue

Start off by applying wood glue to the front and side panels, stick and screw them together. Next, apply glue alongside the top, then place the top cover onto the glue and screw together. Your box is done!


4. Install the Crown and Bottom trim

Ensure that your Trim/Crown is cut at 45 degrees for a seamless fit. *Tip: Cut a short test piece of trim to ensure that the position your trim will fit when you add the front or sides. Start to fit the sides, use the test piece to ensure it's the right length where these two pieces meet, mark at the back, cut, glue and screw it on. Continue until everything is on!


5. Finish and smooth out

Fill the screw holes and any gaps of the joints with wood filler and wait to dry. Start by sanding any rough areas and then sand any excess wood filler until smooth. Ready for the next step!


6. Apply the Primer & Paint

Add a layer of primer before you add your paint, it will ensure that you won't have any irregular dark/light spots when you apply your paint, it will also make your paint seal correctly and make it pop! Wait to dry and add your preferred paint, two layers will be enough.


7. Install the ledger

The ledger is the piece of wood that you're going to mount against the wall and mount your box onto.
Drill holes through your ledger for mounting, place the ledger against the wall and make sure its level. Next, mark spots to drill in the wall through the holes in the ledger. Remember your safety gear before drilling! Mount the ledger with the nail in anchors.


8. Mount your Cornice

When your paint has dried and ledger mounted it's ready for to mount your Cornice. Place the cornice onto the ledger and align it before mounting. Carefully mount it by screwing both pieces together. Tah-dah!


Enjoy your hard work! You've earned it!
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Written by Graphic Designer