Your Guide to Wood

Wood is a precious natural material that can be used to craft and make about anything. Finishes like cutting and edging, varnish or paint can tie everything nicely together, but have you ever thought about what type of wood could work with your interior/project? Your furniture might be worth much more than you think.

Wood comes in all textures, colours, and grains you can think to imagine, but these factors can also vary in size and price. 

So, today we're having a look at different types of wood, what they can be used for, their value, and how they look. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from this handy guide.

Starting from value to premium wood:



Manufactured from chips of wood that are bonded by resin, this wood is very inexpensive and can be used in a variety of ways from veneered surfaces to flat furniture. Chipboard is not good in looks but performs well for strength and density.



This wood is inexpensive, manufactured and made from thin sheets of wood that are glued and pressed together. Known to be strong and dense, but not pretty, it's exclusively made for furniture (mostly used as a frame and covered with the material).



Manufactured from layers of wood that are bonded together in sheets, this wood is extremely strong with resistance to warping/bending. It can be used for multiple applications like flooring, roofing, wall sheathing and other related construction projects. Plywood doesn't look too bad, but it's still not a solid wood.



This is a solid wood that's very affordable and light in weight too. It's not as durable as other solid wood, but it looks good and is able to fit in with other furniture in your home. It's widely used for good quality furniture, such as cupboards, floors and other carpentry items.



Very popular, it's highly durable but extremely heavy. Oak is known for its beautiful grains and assorted colours ranging from white to brown-red. It's commonly used for furniture but other things like barrels to store whiskey and wine, giving its rich flavour.



a Very expensive solid wood that is full of class and personality that ranges in colour from medium brown to dark red. It has a very traditional look that can last more than a lifetime!

There you have it! Find what you are looking for?

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Written by Graphic Designer