There will come a time when something needs a good fix-er-up in or around your home whether it's a squeaky door, a loose kitchen cabinet or a leaky tap. Keeping a handy & reliable toolbox close by is essential for any homeowner.

With the right tool for the job, you won't need help anytime soon.

Here is a list of handy tools every homeowner should own:


1. Safety Gear

These might not be tools by they do protect your hands and eyes from danger. Safety gloves provide extra grip and clear spectacles prevent any squinting :)


2. Hammer and Nails

When it comes to wood these tools have been the bread and butter for many DIY'er over centuries. Hammer in extra nails for support or remove to pull something apart.



3. Extention Cord

This is a handy tool that most toolboxes don't even have. The electric era is upon us! Floodlights, electric lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, drills, saws are only some of the tools powered by an extension cord when that extra inch is needed.


4. Saw

A small hacksaw will be more than enough to get the general things done. Saw wood, plastic, PVC, small steel/copper pipes etc with ease without damage.


5. Tape Measure

This is a no-brainer, it's the no 1 go-to tool for preparation. Tape measures are usually very durable and most of them are retractable for easy storage.


6. Utility knife

Razer sharp and easy to use the utility knife is a handy piece of equipment when it comes to scoring and making precise cuts on most material.


7. Screwdrivers

There are a lot of options on the market from manual to electric driven, a variety pack is usually the best option that will cover most screw types.



8. Step Ladder

Reach for something without having to put yourself in any unnecessary dangers whether it's standing on a chair to change a light bulb or to perform a balancing act in the garage to reach something.


9. Heavy-duty Scissors

Save the little scissors for paper and equip yourself with something more durable.  Heavy duty scissors work miracles for stripping wire, cutting cardboard, duct tape and much more.


10. Pliers

Grip, pull or cut anything sticking out like a sore tooth without breaking a sweat! Pliers are extremely helpful and come in a variety of sizes. 


Be prepared and get the job done!

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Written by Graphic Designer