Make Christmas your own and add that extra special touch with your very own decorations and ornaments that suit your style and make everyone feel at home at the fraction of the cost.

Here are 5 quick and easy ideas you can make with enough time before Christmas day!


1. Wood Sign

Reuse old pieces of wood to make a sign that speaks for everyone what Christmas is to you and your family. 
Simple extras like string, glitter and a dash of paint are all you need to make your sign pop! 


2. Wooden table decorations

When there's a feast at the table, there’s little space for any decorations. Let your imagination take control and add some paint to small wood cutouts to keep the Christmas spirit at the table.


3. Wire ornaments

It's as simple as bending a wire into shapes that speak to you, a simple solution if you don't want a lot of clutter on your tree or around your home. 


4. Stick ornaments 

Who would thought that a couple of sticks could make such a difference? Attach sticks with rope, wire or hot glue for a frame and decorate. 


5. Combined Garland

Cover your staircase or wall with a simple garland made out of leaves and rope and add any ornaments to continue your theme. 

Easy, simple and just in time for Christmas with your own twist!

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Written by Graphic Designer