It's always good to know that your home is in good condition and is able to withstand any weather or season.

But what are the things to look out for?

Today we're having a look at the things that we think should be on your list for this month:

1. Clean/Running Gutters

It's Autumn Season which means that you might have a gutter full of leaves and debris.

A blocked gutter might not seem like a big deal, but if it's left unattended you are risking a chance that heavy rain can cause a dam of water flooding into your home, costing you a hefty amount.

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2. Cut/Clear Overgrowth

Like all trees and plants, they grow over time. Tree roots and branches become bigger while plant stems seek out places to flourish, the problem is that they will continue to expand and grow.

Make sure you attend to any roots of trees and plants close to your home. Check for any raised bricks or visible cracks to spot your problem before the damage becomes permanent.

Trimming the branches and removing roots regularly is the way to go.


3. Tend to Driveways and Pathways

Like any driveway or pathway, potholes can show up over a period of time without any sign or warning. 
These potholes might be small now, but it will rapidly start to expand and become a big pain to deal with later.

Tend to this problem before it causes damage to your own car.



4. Space For Clutter

If you have lots of stuff lying around, then you might need storage space... 

Organising is one thing but having dedicated space for your things makes it easy to store and find whatever you're looking for. Extra racks and cabinets are easy to make and install. (Consider selling unused goods to make some easy bucks)



5. Redo Old/Flaking Paint 

When paint looks dull/faded or starting to flake it means that you have to make plans very soon for a new layer of paint. 

The function of paint isn't just decorative, it also protects the surface of what it covers from harm and deterioration whether its wood, brick or steel.

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Tip: Avoid looking over small fixable and manageable hiccups from growing into an expensive time-consuming headache and get a piece of mind.

If you have an unticked number on your list, be sure to prioritize it asap. 

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Written by Graphic Designer