As we approach winter we'll start to spend more time inside our homes to get out of the cold. Warming your home and keeping it cozy throughout the cold days is important as it can help you from getting sick and save money at the same time.

Ensure sure your home stays warm and cozy as we approach winter with these 5 tips:


1.  Regulate the heat in your home with your curtains

Open your curtains during the day and let the natural sunlight warm your home ( and it's free! ). As the temperature lowers during the evenings, shut your curtains and it will isolate the remaining heat from escaping ( it reduces condensation too! )


2. Place your heat source where it can circulate

It's hard not to hog the heater when it gets really cold but placing the heat source where it can circulate hot air will allow the heat to spread evenly and you'll get most out of your heat source. When you place heat sources close to things like the sofa, it can absorb all the heat, leaving everything else out in the cold.


3. Put a timer on your geezer

Use your geezer when you need it and it'll save you from a big electricity bill at the end of the month. It is more effective to have your geezer turned on and off during a certain time of the day than leaving it on to constantly use electricity. Don't waste money and power.


4. Out with the old and in with the new

If your geezer is older than 10 years than you should consider replacing it with a  new, more efficient model.
It'll take less energy and time to heat up and you are less likely to run into any problems.


5. Block draughts

Little improvements and fixes can make a big difference to keep the heat in and the hold cold out. 
Sealing exits, doorways or areas where draughts can come in and escape freely can decrease the amount of electricity needed. Sealing off areas where you don't need heat in your home can also make a big difference.


There you have it.
Stay warm and save a buck.

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Written by Graphic Designer