If you’re looking forward to getting your hands busy this new year we’ve got some exciting projects that might spark your inner DIY and boost your home’s look and value in the process.

Here are 5 smart, trendy ideas you can have a lookout for next year:


Wooden floor for your stoep/veranda

Transform a section of your flat or veranda’s floor into a smart, warm and calming space where you can’t wait to sit back, relax and kick off your shoes at the end of the day. This creates a great contrast from the rest of your home and provides a sense of privacy.


Wall mounted desk 

Perfect for creating space and a touch of smart design that will surprise anyone, a wall mounted desk, shelve or workstation is an innovative trend that will turn heads and declutter any room.


Cove lighting

Accentuate your bathroom, room or living space with lighting that adds an ambient calming effect that saves electricity with the use of led strips. 


Movable counters

Make space and move to the party with a counter/table on wheels. They are stylish and smart working/serving counters that are sure to be helpful. 


Overhead storage space

If you can't find space to store your goods, have a look at these smart solutions found in most places you won’t even look :) The simpler the better.


There you have it!

Keep your hands busy in 2019 


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Written by Graphic Designer