Tired of that old Christmas tree you take out a box each year? 

Let us guide and inspire you to make your own tree this holiday season with everyday used items. Add some crafted decorations to your Christmas home this holidays and light up the house with the Christmas spirit.

Follow the images below to and let's guide you in the crafting process:


1. String draw Christmas Tree

Why not use some string to draw a Christmas tree. Add some depth and colour by using normal decoration and trimmings. Mount on a piece of wood with nails.


2. Twigs and Branches Tree

Source inspiration from nature and use dead branches or twigs with some glue or nails to hold the pieces together and mount on any sturdy material that could hold the weight of the tree.


3. Wooden Crate Tree

Re-use old scrap or crate woods just laying around the backyard.

Add some lights and brush paint the wood for a smooth finish.


4. Stencil Cut-Out Trees & Decorations

For a more crafting and playful experience, ask your children to join the process and make some stencils to cut out and hang around the house.


5. Ladder Tree

When feeling really artistic, why not repurpose an old ladder and add some paint with Christmas lights and decorations. 


6. Dried Bush Tree

Walk into the forest or bush and look for dried trees and decorate with ornaments, paint or lights. 


7.  Stack Books Tree

For those inspired by the editorial pen. Use some old books in your old library and arrange or stack them around to form the shape of a tree.


8. Branch Ladder Tree

Use old dried branches to form your ladder shape arch. Use steel wire for the authentic look and keep your shape in place.


There are numerous ideas to build your own tree for inside or outside the house. Try thinking on easy building material and very practical for a start

then move from there.


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Written by Graphic Designer