We all like to have our furniture to look great and last, especially when its used on a daily basis.

Although wood is a common material for most furniture uses, its properties like colour, grain and durability enable it to hold and increase its value over time. 

So be sure you're looking after your wooden furniture/investment with the help of these tips:


1.  Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight.

There is no harm using a piece of wooden furniture outdoors but excessive heat for a long period in the sun can dry up any moisture in the wood and create weak spots for cracks. * See no 3. for solutions.


2. Use Coasters regularly.

While spilt water or coffee won't stain your wood it's incredibly easy to make an awful ring if it's not wiped away soon. Use coasters to avoid any damage over time. 


3. Protection solutions.

If you're working with new wood or if your furniture needs a new cote, there are many different types of solutions you can use to help protect your furniture:

- Sealers and Varnish are made to soak into the wood, providing maximum protection for long periods of time.

- Oil's and waxes are very popular and can be applied on a regular basis when it comes to maintenance.

- Paint options are available to suit your aesthetic needs and some paints are specifically formulated to provide protection from UV if you're looking to use your furniture outside.


* Before starting your D.I.Y Project make sure to consult with one of our experts in-store at D.I.Y Superstore to advice you on how to use and apply your product.


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Written by Graphic Designer