Whether you’re planning on going away for the holiday or staying at home, the end of the year is always a good time to check your home security.

We all want to feel safe and know that we are protected in the comfort of our homes, but sometimes we can't help to overlook this at times. 

Here some things you can do to see if your home is secure:


How to inspect your home

Don’t find yourself on holiday to realise that one thing you missed!

Take the time to identify any areas to fix, install or tighten up where it needs to and get it done asap. You might not have the time to do it later on.

  • Test Doors & windows

We know that most entries come from the front or back door, but an unsealed window is an exposed target that’s easy to tamper with. 
All your doors and windows should close and shut tightly with a lock or mechanism.

  • Test your locks

This may seem like a tedious task but locks tend to become more ineffective if it’s used on a daily basis(a little drop of oil might do the trick) Lock your doors and give each one a good tug to find any flaws.

  • Have a look at your wall and fence

Most break-ins happen because of a weak spot in the fence or wall.
If you can see a chance of anyone getting over or squeezing through (especially in the corners where it meets) then you might want to look for other solutions.

  • Test the gate

Ensure your gate can close properly whether it's electric or manual. There should be a firm seal between the gate and the wall or fence. Give it a tug too.


For future improvements

Now that the general areas are checked you might want to consider other means of security. 

  • Lighting is a low-cost solution to cover exposed areas from intruders. Floodlights can cover wide areas in designated areas.
  • Razor wire can get into small nooks or cover areas that are below required hight.
  • Devils fork is easy to install and cost-effective solution.



*If you’re planning to leave your home for a long period then call up a friend or ask your neighbour to check in now and again.
Keep all of your valuables safe and hide where it cant be seen from any view of a window and don’t leave a spare key anywhere on your property.


Know your family and valuables are out of harm's way and get a piece of mind

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Written by Graphic Designer