Maintaining a garden can be somewhat of a tricky business, at times it flourishes with magnificent green and lush results and sometimes it's like all hope is lost. Don't worry.

Today we'll be explaining how you can grow and maintain a lush green garden with the right amount of water and equipment, without having to waste.

Simply follow these 4 easy steps:


1. Equip to your needs

  • Garden sprinkler buckets have proven its use throughout time, especially when it comes to watering potted flowers, beddings and hard to reach areas. The sprinkler bucket is also very effective to measure the amount of water if your plants have special watering needs.


  • The hosepipe is a crowd favourite amongst many gardeners and has proven useful to produce a constant amount of water right on the target! Reach far areas and add-on extra features and extensions.


  • Sprinklers are also very popular. There are a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from whether its to deliver a certain amount of water at a specific distance or area spread.  Always check the packaging or ask for some help to find the sprinkler that suits your garden needs.


  • Watering systems are modern wonders. Water your whole garden at a push of a button or time it to go off when you want it too. These systems are long-term investments if your garden and landscaping are planned, so you can set up and watch it go!


2. When to water

If you have green fingers you'll be able to tell if a garden is "thirsty".  Have a glance at your garden and check if your plants and grass are looking as if they are tired... that's the signal for watering.
If you still can't tell then use a potting scoop or a simple kitchen knife and stick it into the ground, pull it out and if you can't feel or see a little moisture, that your queue.



3. What time to water

Early mornings or evenings are usually the best time to water. 
Avoid watering during the midday, especially on a hot day as water will evaporate and go to waste.



4. How to water

No matter on what equipment you choose to use, there are two golden rules on how to water correctly:

1. When you're ready to water, do it thoroughly. 

2. Only apply an amount of water as fast as the soil can absorb it (each equipment may vary).


There you have it! Get your gear, set-up your sprinklers and water like a pro!


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Written by Graphic Designer