Paint Tips and Hacks

Paint Tips and Hacks with DIY Superstore

Own the way you paint without the drips and drabs!
 Let's have a look at what you can do to make your next project feel like a breeze with the help of these tips and hacks:


1. Paint Tray Hack

Clean your paint tray with ease. Cover your paint tray with a plastic bag and add your paint. This will cover the surface of your tray and prevent paint-buildup. When you are done, simply turn the bag inside out and dispose of it. Your paint tray will stay like brand new and ready for re-use!


2. Sanitizing Wipe Paint Cleaner/Remover

Stop paint marks from becoming a mess. Simply wipe off any area with alcohol-based wet wipes to rid marks from permanently staining unwanted areas quickly and hassle-free.


3. Use Tinfoil To Cover Up Items From Paint

Items like a doorknob can easily be covered with foil to avoid paint marks. Tin foil is highly durable and can be molded over any item, give it a try!


4. Masking Tape Removal Tip

Remove masking/paint tape from a freshly painted area at an angle to avoid damage to the paint and ensuring a clean line. Slow and steady will also prevent paint from sticking and tearing.


5. The"W" Paint Technique

Paint a "W" with a zig-zag like motion overlapping each stroke to ensure a smooth and even coat. This technique will get the job done seamlessly with minimal effort and time.


6. Pick up and Go, Paintbrush Hack

Continue the where you have left off without having to clean brushes and save time. Cover up and seal your brush with a plastic bag for re-use the next day. This will prevent the paint on the brush from drying and hardening. Just pick-up and go!


7. Neutralise the Sharp Smell of Paint

Avoid the head-splitting smell of paint by adding a tablespoon of vanilla extract (don't worry, this won't affect the colour of the paint). 


8. Masking Tape Removal Hack

Removing masking tape without tearing can get real tricky. A simple hack is to heat the masking tape with the use of a hairdryer. The tape will shrink an let go of the surface, making it easy to remove.


There you have it! Painting made easier.

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Written by Graphic Designer