Power tools are handy helpers to create, repair or renovate items around your home and could help you save money along the way.

Have a look at what you could do with today's power tool.


Angle grinders are very common among smaller jobs to cut, clean and polish steel as well as other materials like brick, concrete, even on tiles and glass.

Here's how to use an angle grinder:



Using power tools always require using safety gear.  
The grinder spins at an alarmingly high rate, safety glasses, face mask, gloves, and long-sleeved clothing are recommended because of sparks and debris. Turn off directly after use.


The Grinder

An angle grinder is a one-speed tool equipped with a 
round fitting that can spin at a high velocity, this fitting allows equipping different types of "disks" for different uses. The grinder requires being held firmly with a grip at a 90 angle and a lower grip on the body with an on/off switch.


How to Use

Equip a fitting for use whether for cutting, sanding or polishing. With safety gear and gloves equipped, hold grinder with both hands, aimed at the material. Flip the on the switch and slowly press against the material, add pressure if needed and hold for a few seconds... remove grinder and check material for progress, repeat if necessary until the job is completed.


Disks and Uses

Getting rid of rust is a piece of cake with the help of a Wire Brush Disk. The disk is compiled out of a series of metal wire that looks like a metal sponge, this makes it easy to get rid of any built up resin or debris like cement, rust, or any tough material etc.


The Cutting Disk is a thin and flat disk made to cut effectively with utmost precision. There are a variety of disks that can enable you to cut steel, wood, rubber, masonry, tiles and even glass. Consult your hardware store for more info.


Buffing Disks are fitted with a tough material used to polish steel material and make it look brand new. You could even polish your car.


Grind disks are made to finish hard angles and remove leftover debris like bulky welding excess. The disk is flexible enough to follow contours of anything your grinding to make it smooth for a finished look.


There you have it, learn something new and make your next D.I.Y. job a breeze with the right Powertools.

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