Spring is all about a fresh start, and there is no better way to celebrate this season like a good touch-up to keep the good /refreshing vibes coming!

In order to complete our transformation, we're going to start outside and work our way inside to achieve this refreshing look. 

Here are 5 things-to-do to fresh up your home this spring:



Fertilizing your garden in spring will reward your new blossoms to grow big, strong and be fruitful for as long as they can. Keep in mind that plants use a lot of energy during spring when they produce flowers.



Garden beds that are simple, neat and tidy will make your garden feel likes its brand new and looked after. It's the first thing anyone notice before they enter your home.



Bring the outside indoors. If you are lucky enough to have a fruitful garden full of flowers or lush green leaves, bring them in and display them throughout your home! There are a lot of plants that specifically like to live indoors that can make your home a spring paradise.



Declutter your home from your winter goods like placing blankets, heaters, coats and other goods into storage. Spring is also about turning a new leaf, declutter your closet and anything you feel should be better of and give it to charity.



Let in the light after your hard work and open the windows for fresh clean air and let the sun do the warming! Spring is all about enjoying your home and celebrating a fresh start with friends and family.

Let's celebrate Spring and enjoy your home with friends and family!

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Written by Graphic Designer