Tips and tricks for a happier kitchen.

Keeping a kitchen tidy is the best recipe for a cleaner, kid-friendlier, family orientated area. 

A kitchen works at its best when you have some open space to move around, inviting to be in and organized into categories, think of your kitchen as a big grocery store, there is a dedicated area for each item which makes it easy to find and use. 

Let’s face it, there’s is nothing more frustrating than working in the tiny confined area and you can’t find tools or appliances in all the mess. 

Let us show you some simple tips to declutter that messy, condensed kitchen and turning it into a practical living space for the whole family.


1. Do you feel cramped in your own kitchen?  

Adding mirrors in a kitchen will make a small or narrow space feel open while inviting more natural light inside, mirrors have the ability to add an illusion to make space feel bigger.

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to make a kitchen feel and look cleaner and sophisticated without having to replace everything.


2. Think beyond the surface.

Less clutter on the surface means more room to move around and to work on. Try to move commonly used utensils like for instance the big space consuming microwave into areas above or below the surface working area.

Installing racks or hanging baskets underneath your cupboards make for an inexpensive way to add storage.


3. Open it up.

Have you ever thought about open shelving? 
Before thinking of adding more cupboards, have a look at what benefits open shelving can have: 

-  This shelving method makes it extremely easy to access commonly used items like plates and cups.
-  It’s a way to decorate the kitchen
-  Fill in odd dead spaces
-  Keep things neat and tidy


4. Contain the clutter.

Baskets and trays make it easy to keep any clutter in control, especially if there’s a lot of tiny things like spices, herbs, and other small utensils.

Not only do they work good, but they look good too!

Note: If you’re lucky you’ll be able to find trays with divided sections in between, happy hunting!


5. Hang pots and pans.

This idea has made it out of the olden days and into a trendy statement among modern kitchens today! 
Avoid bumping your head while pots and pans without having to dig around and sorting them onto each other, quick access are the way to go!

Make your kitchen space where you want to be this year! 

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Written by Graphic Designer