April month is deep within the Autumn season which means that all of the leaves on the trees should be close to ending up everywhere from the front door to the pool and everything in between. 

Getting rid of leaves is one thing, it's getting them all together which causes all the frustration and unnecessary hard work.

Here are a few things you can do to make your life a little bit easier when it comes to dealing with heaps of leaves:

1. Be patient

Waiting for every single leave to shed is like waiting for paint to dry, spare yourself the time and enjoy the leaves floating by in the wind. Nature will do its thing and you'll know when its the right time that works for you.



2. Safety Gear

Before you start with a bang, be sure to be equipped with the right safety gear and apparel. Safety gloves are a must for raking and picking up excess leaves, safety boots for moving around your home and comfortable clothing.

3. Tools and How to Use


Lawnmowers can be very handy tools especially if you want to use the leaves for compost later. Preferably when leaves are wet, lawnmowers are able to chop leaves into bits and spit them out into mulch which makes very rich compost or you can collect the leaves within a bag attached to the lawnmower (lots of leaves will fill up your bag pretty quickly)


Leaf blowers

Leaf blowers are perfect for moving leaves around that are stuck in strange places and corners. Where lawnmowers excel with wet leaves, leaf blowers are great when the leaves are dry (they're easier to move around better). The key to a leaf blower is to force leaves into a place like a corner where its easier to clean up.


Leaf Rake

The trusty leaf rake is a champion when it comes to big or small heaps no matter if the leaves are wet or dry. 

Here are a few tips you can try to make raking-up leaves a little easier:

- Work smart, sweep all the leaves towards a place where its easier to pick up, small heaps are better to collect and easier to pick up, saving you time and effort (one big gush of the wind can easily make a giant heap into a small pile.)

- When you have a pile, use your rake as a scoop to pick up a bunch of leaves at once and dump them in a bag. 

- Rake when its dry, spare yourself the frustration from trying to sweep soaking wet leaves around your home, you'll end up wasting time and a lot of effort.


4. Keep Compost in Mind

Excess leaves only comes around once a year. Save some money and think of making your own compost heap, all you need is to add leaves and watch nature do its thing!

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Written by Graphic Designer