Remember the saying "a little love goes a long way"? Well, that's one to remember when it comes to your home's maintenance.

Keeping your home in tip-top shape is essential when it comes to avoiding unexpected, expensive repairs in the long run. 

Here's a couple of things to have a look at your own home:



1. The Roof

Expect the unexpected from South Africa's harsh climate and keep your eyes peeled for a leaky roof. 
Trim the trees around your home. Stormy weather days cause debris like branches from closely neighbored trees to break off and cause damage.  



2. Paint

Paint does two things, it makes things look pretty, but more importantly, it provides a protective barrier from the elements. 
Adding a coat after a couple of years whether it's a wall or for wood is essential to increase the lifespan of the property. Indications of cracks, blisters and peeling is a good indication that it needs attention.



3. Doors and windows

Sealing off the elements, adding protection, security, privacy and appearance is a lot of things involved with doors and windows. 
Inspect/replace the putty around your window frames for sufficient sealing and check the hinges for deterioration on both windows and doors to ensure a longer lifetime. 



4. Fixtures

Not tending to your home's fixtures whether it's a light, a leaky tap or a squeaky door handle it could be causing other problems if not maintained constantly. The kitchen and bathroom should be the first place to inspect, check for leaking water to avoid mould build-up etc. 



5. The Garage

A lot of us can admit that our garages have been untouched in a very long time, so how could it need maintenance? Well, these cold dark places can be the heart of a bunch of problems; cracks, wet damps and electrical are only some things to have a look at.
Be sure have a look and assess for any underlying problems.

It is essential to tend to your home's maintenance before it's too late.

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Written by Graphic Designer