Upgrading your toolset for success

No matter how good you are with your hands. Equipment and gear do make the difference. Building a toolbox can come at a great expense, but if you consult an expert and follow well-educated guides, you can build a toolset for success in no time and a great budget.

Plan ahead and make a list to start upgrading your tools one-by-one. 

Let start with this 5 must-have items.


1. Heavy duty, durable working boots 

Safety is always the biggest priority. A firm solid work boot will help you power through any hard lifting or heavy duty work. Kicking, bumping or items falling or shifting items can be very dangerous.  No matter the obstacle at hand, protect your feet in all cases always.


2. Jigsaw

A versatile and durable electric working saw is always handy and needed in one's toolbox. Cutting straight lines or circular items have never been easier if you own a machine like this. If you work with wood, then this is a must. 


3. Drill set

No matter what your background is, everyone from time to time will need to drill a hole in the wall at some stage of your life and career. This machine can build almost anything if learned to master. The electric drill is a solid investment and stands the test of time if looked after. These nifty tools come in a variety of sizes and equipped with onboard batteries for mobility of use.


4. Screwdriver set

It's tough to beat a Craftsman screwdriver set.  With stainless steel sets your tools is bound to take some abuse and most probably have a lifetime warranty. This is an absolute must for any person planning to work with his/her hands and the pencil tool for a builders pocket.


5. Work Gloves

If you think you're man enough to handle all the products mentioned, you'll definitely need more safety and grip. Work Gloves provide the most bang for the buck in hand protection. With a snug and superior fit, it feels like your working with your bare hands.


There you have it. 5 must-have items to include in your toolbox.
Start planning your list and save for each item and start building your curated toolbox for any working situation. 

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Written by Graphic Designer