4 TIPS to guide you before tackling a DIY project

2019 is the year to DIY! 

Whether you are a DIY newbie or an experienced veteran its always good to know what you are getting yourself into.

Being prepared and learning the how to’s is the key to start projects and finish them with less difficulty and little room for costly mistakes whether you're doing it yourself or hiring someone.

Here are a few tips you can follow to get started and get it done:


1. Gather inspiration first

Establishing what you want with hard evidence like photo’s, samples or sketched out ideas should be the basis of every project.

This will enable you to measure how much it will cost, where you can source the supplies and materials and provide a relative timeframe to complete the project, as well as to measure what you are capable of doing yourself and who to hire for what.

There are lots of places to get inspiration:
Latest magazines and books.
Blogs and sites
Hardware suppliers for expert advice


2. Supply list

Make a list of everything your project requires, from wood to screws, paint, tools and other supplies like safety gear. 
Remember to compare this list with your budget. 

This is an opportunity to ensure that once you begin you won’t have to stop and start again and again.



3. Materials and techniques

Now it’s about the craft.
With the supply list at hand, you will have to plan how you’re going to assemble your project once you begin and see what steps and skills are going to be used.

Some techniques are easy to learn with the help of some advice or tutorials from sources but if you question some of the steps, rather hire a professional to complete this step for you or let someone show you how.

Some materials may need specific guidelines.


4. Validate and get guidance from an expert.

Double check your supply and techniques with a professional and reach out to gather relevant tips and guidance to streamline your project.

These experts can also assist you with cheaper solutions, ideas and provide up to date technology for an even easier way to complete things.

Then its time to get started! 
Remember to take before and after photo ’s and have fun.

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Written by Graphic Designer