Make it a match this Valentine's day with D.I.Y.!

Have you ever found yourself using a combination of tools that work great together?

Well, with the right combination of tools you can get a perfect match that’ll help you get the job done in half the time and save a lot of effort. 

Become a guru this Valentine's day with these tool combination hacks:


Hammer and pliers

Save your fingers from being the target. 
The next time you plan to hammer a nail, clamp the nail firmly with a set of pliers.  Rest the pliers onto the surface and a straight 90-degree nail. Now you can hammer away without having to worry about how much force you want to use.



Screwdriver and magnet

Truly a match made in heaven. This hack allows you to keep your screws fixed onto your screwdriver so you can focus on the job at hand without losing any. All you need is to place a strong magnet to your screwdriver to help magnetise the steel.



Putty knife and vice grip

Trouble removing nails from a hard to reach the surface? 
Gently use a putty knife to get under the material of the nail.
Now use your vice grip to clamp the nail and get a secure hold, pull out the nail and hold down the putty knife to protect the surface of the material from damage.



Handsaw and clamp/vice grip

Finding it hard to get a grip on a piece of wood? 
Find a sturdy surface with space for a clamp or vice grip and mount the wood. Now you're ready to go for a straight effortless cut.



Socket wrench and spanner

A socket wrench is a quick and easy tool to release and tighten bolts from a fixed surface.
But in a case where you have to unscrew with two bolts, it’s easier to throw a spanner in the mix. 
At one end fix the socket wrench onto the bolt and the spanner at the other, turn both tools into opposite directions and presto! Spin the wrench or spanner to remove the bolt.

There you have it! Do you have a favourite match?

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Written by Graphic Designer