We are officially into 2019 and in the last month of summer!

If you feel you need a change of scenery in your home here are some quick ways how you can change and make it look & feel refreshed or new without having to spend a fortune.

Try these simple tips and see your home transform in an instant :


1. Declutter

If you feel there is something throwing off your space like an itch that you don't know where to scratch, try to remove things until you are satisfied with the outcome. 
For example, removing a fridge full of magnets stuck onto it can make it feel like its brand new.


2. Replace lightbulbs

Depending on whether your bulbs are warm or cool, you can switch it up to create a different effect on whether you want to make spaces in your home feel inviting or clean.

Warm lightbulbs are great for spaces like living rooms and cool bulbs work great in the bathroom for a hygienic/clean feel.


3.  Update accessories/utensils

Use a little bit of imagination for this part. A good accessory can catch and draw your attention to a specific space. For example, a wooden rectangular box in a kitchen works great to store your utensils for quick use and it feels inviting to go and cook a delicious meal.


4. Add colour in your closet.

Imagine opening your closest to find a bright, warm and happy invitation that and boost your motivation and creativity before you start off your day at work. 
Kids also love a dash of colour and it makes it personal to them, blue for boys and pink for girls.


5. Rearrange your space

It's free, and it requires only a little time and elbow grease. 
Start by rearranging big objects like the couch/bed to another area or in another direction. Once you have your base elements grounded, you can arrange your smaller versatile possessions where you see fit.

It really makes a big difference, try it out yourself.

There you have it!
Enjoy your home in a totally new light.

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Written by Graphic Designer