Trends of 2019

We're officially into the new year and what better than to have a look into what's trending in 2019


If you’re in need of a little inspiration or if you're just having to look what going on nowadays, 2019 is all about small, personalised and detailed design.

Here is a small taste of 10 trends this 2019 you can check out yourself:


1. Kitchen Tops

Sleek and shiny kitchen tops have become a popular statement especially to maximise cooking space. Patterned and small detailed tops climbed to the top of the list.


2. Wall suspensions

Detailed, simple or textured, these “wall art” can make a bold statement and even enhance your decor.

Wood is a great material for crafting whether you're doing it yourself or cutting with a CNC Machine.


3. Wood panelling

Much like the featured Scandinavian wall in 2018, paint has been replaced with natural textured warm wood accents that’s that little add something else.


4. Earthy tones

As always, paint has an extremely big impact on 2019’s trends. Natural, warm and grounded colours take centre stage… you guessed it, enhancing natural textures like woods and steel.


5. Bold Accent colours

Not everything is going to be plain this year. Small pops of colour add the twist to the plot whether its furniture, decor. Being bold is the key to pull it off and might we say that the reward is noticeable.


6. Statement ceilings

For centuries, decorative ceilings have been the ultimate touch of luxury in many households, and yes its back! Ready to join the club?


7. Handmade custom pieces

Noticed the trends of 2019 is striving for uniqueness? Do you own a piece that doesn’t fit in with the rest? Well, its just become the hero! It’s time to celebrate any custom pieces that strive to be different.


8. Small detailed finishes

Much like the above trend we are zooming into the detailed items whether its furniture, a splash of paint or just an odd piece. Although they may be small, these add so much value without even knowing.


9. Clever storage

Optimising space with the use of smart design, you won’t even think these were made just for storage solutions. 


10. Classic Kitchens

These styled kitchens are practical, storage-friendly and give off a warm feeling when entering the room. Cabinets are classically styled and finishes are elegant and practical.


There you have it!  

Keep it up this 2019 and do it yourself :)

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Written by Graphic Designer