Adding a fresh new coat of paint can do wonders for your home, so today we're having a look into why & when you would want to consider having a look at a fresh new coat and what the benefits are.

Let's get started:


First off, a general timespan when you should consider to paint your home.
*Note, the location of your home and the durability of the paint lifespan may vary depending on the moisture, salty sea air etc.)



Exterior paints are tough and can endure harsh weather for long time periods, a good coat should last up to 10-15 years. Whereas if you have exposed wood elements we recommend to touch up the paint every 3-7 years depending on this condition due to harsh weather elements and paint durability 
*Remember that each home is unique and times can vary.



The general timespan for your home’s interior should last between 5-7 years, but here is a breakdown that could shed some light on when/where you should have a look at.


* Living Room & Dining Room

If you have used quality, durable paint then you won’t need to repaint for a couple of years even though you’re probably using your living room more than your dining room. We recommend every 5-7 years.


* Kitchen & Bathroom

These areas are used a lot and can get messy at times. Oil splatter and moisture are big factors that could affect the lifespan. We recommend every 3-4 years. 


* Bedrooms

Bedrooms can last a long time (especially in adult rooms), but for kids, it can be a different story. We recommend you don’t spend a lot on expensive paint for kids rooms as they like to change colour/themes as they grow, so we recommend every 2-3 years whereas for adults bedrooms up to 10 years.


* Hallways

Corridors and hallways are used all the time. It's also a common area for guests as they enter your home so it's important to keep it looking new and fresh. ( 2-3 years)





*Added value to your home

A freshly coated home looks great and adds quality and value. Just think, any realtor would recommend a layer of fresh paint instead of remodelling to add extra value.


*Added protection from the elements

Wind, rain and the scorching sun are daily elements your home has to endure. Paint provides a protective barrier against these elements, reducing the cost and life expectancy of the materials.


*It makes everything look better

Fresh new paint and luxurious colours can make your home feel brand new. 


*Hide exterior flaws

A coat of exterior paint can cover and hide damaged areas from cracks, damped areas and stains.


*Keep moisture out

Excess moisture can build up and weaken areas of your home causing even cement to crack and erode. Keep your walls dry with waterproofing and a strong quality coat of paint.


*Reduce dirt and dust

Keeping your interior and exterior walls painted reduces build up of dust and dirt. If you have an old home, ensure you use quality paint to help keep it clean.


*Improve Indoor Air Quality

Paint removes fumes, odour and odd smells.


There you have it! 

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