Having a workbench around at home is a great place for doing all of your own DIY tasks all in one place. 

Without using to much space, places like the garage is a nice place to set up your bench with tools & equipment without having to worry of misplacing anything and getting it out harm's way, especially from kids.

Here is a couple of essential tools & equipment lots of fellow DIY benches have that might help you with your own:




A workbench can be as simple as fibreboard with two sawhorses. 
Things to look out for is to ensure your bench is sturdy with enough space for a clean work area and space for storage.




To work with a dim dark is a recipe for accidents and mistakes. Ensure your work area is bright with enough light to see what you are doing with efficient lighting.




No workbench is complete without a trusty vice or holding clamp to hold your projects in place whether it is to saw, drill or plan. Vices are essentially a friend to help you when you need a helping hand.




No tool should be used without proper safety equipment.  
Gloves and clear goggles should be enough to get most tasks done without any injuries. Make sure you are covered and geared up before you D.I.Y.




A neat and organised working bench is always happy one :)  
Storage is essentially for organising your tools, parts and equipment from ending up together resulting in a big mess.  Spare yourself a headache and build your own storage solution that'll fit your style of working.




Like essential things on a grocery list here are some things that you might use from time to time that will always be relevant on a workbench:

Tape measure, pencil, water level, steel ruler, steel knife and masking/insulation tape.

What are your essentials?




A fun part of owning a workbench is that you can add new and exciting things as you develop your skills for room to grow. Add more storage, add wheels, whatever you like!

Ther you have it, all you need in one place.

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Written by Graphic Designer