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Frequent Asked Questions
Customer Service

What are the trading hours of the store? Are you open on Public Holidays?

Monday - Friday: 07h30 - 17h00

Saturday & Public Holidays: 07h30 - 13h00

In the case of an exception, it will be announced on Facebook and instore notifications.

Do you cut wood?

Yes we do, any length is availble

Does D.I.Y do installations?

Yes we do! We can also recommend someone to assist you.

How much stock do you have?

D.I.Y has a huge amount of stock that is readily available for our customers.

Do you cut your steel in different measurements?

D.I.Y can help you with this

Do you bend the steel plates and pipes?

D.I.Y can help you with this

Can you reserve items for me to collect at a later date?

Yes, please copy the "PRODUCT BARCODE" and contact our Careline via +27 51 405 0900 or drop us a message here. Our customer care representatives will advice you on the stock availability on different outlets.